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  “Dog” Chapman and the “DOG BOUNTY HUNTER SHOW” ratings where down before the supposed shooting. Dog, his wife Beth, son, crew and show staff all flat out “LIED”.  I see two meetings that took place, one with the producer and “Dog” and his wife. They talked about making the show more exciting, “I would say more dangers, as if their job wasn’t dangers enough,” by choosing more dangers criminals to capture. Dog and Beth agreed and then had a meeting with the rest of the staff so they would be on the same page.  So when Hoang Nguyen name came up he was just what they were looking for.

  Hoang Nguyen did not have a gun on him at all, nor did he have time to hide any bullet casing. Dog and Beth lie, lied, lied, the only gun that went off was Dog’s and the camera crew erased the tape to or edited it.  Where would Hoang have hide the bullet casing, up his “bun hole,” give me a break! Dog used to much force as well and both Dog and Beth should be brought up on charges, which is still being looked at by the police. “The bottom line is they got just what they wanted, A great deal of TV and radio exposure and no less Larry King Show on CNN.”

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Psychic Lorena Simon’s Scoop (London Riot)

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Hello World

Yesterday in London protester have a right to angry and people always have to blame someone.  The US and many other countries are to blame, it is not just one place and that is a fact. I know for a fact this will not be the last time the US will be blamed for the financial down fall around the world.

Today another riote brakes out from the protester’s, I do not see anyone dying thank goodness. I do see many more protest’s and more riote’s to come, in Paris, USA, London again and many more countrys for the next three years. Death does come to a few protester, which makes me very sad.  This is just the begging of what is to come.

Welcome to my new blog

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